The 13000 Years Old Mysterious Black Knight Satellite that still Orbits and Spy the Earth? hoan

Black Knight Satellite photo

In 1954, a US-based Researcher reported that a mysterious spacecraft orbits the earth and spying us. The technology of launching shuttles was only growing in the 1950’s. The news of the “Black Knight“, released on that time and spread wildly across the globe.

Black Knight satellite is a mysterious spacecraft. It is also known as the ‘Black Warrior Alien Spacecraft‘. It is believed by most researchers and this name although looks like an epic, this spacecraft is from another galaxy or planet. The Black Knight satellite has been confirmed as it is in the space for 13,000 years.

Mystery Satellite on Newspaper

What is the proof for this?

Satellite Photo by UFO

Analysts who study the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) are also exploring this concept. Is this true? What is the proof for this? How did this find? Let’s get rid of the answers to the most mysterious questions.

A Strange Orbit

After 1954, the US Navy discovered that the same black material was orbiting the Earth at a speed about 104.5 minutes in 1960. Then, this was followed by a serious study. This black body with a strange orbital inclination is estimated to have a maximum distance of 1,728 km, and the minimum of 216 km from the earth.

Satellite around the earth

Radio signal for more than 50 years!

Agents around the world have been eye-witnessing that the Black Knight satellite has been transmitting radio signals for more than 50 years. Thereafter, the United States and Russia came up with a special focus on the Black Knight spacecraft for years.

Does not believe Nicola Tesla!

Nicola Tesla

In 1899, Nicola Tesla claimed that the same Black Knight had intercepted the signal of the spacecraft when no one believed it, and considered it as a hoop. After a serious suspicion, astronauts around the world reported that the Black Knight shuttle signals were made from the 1930s.

Accidentally caught in the photo!

In 1957, snapped a photo of this mysterious Black Knight shuttle for the first time. Dr. Luis Corralos, accidentally snapped the “Black Knight” photo when the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 2 tries to snap a photo of Venezuela’s capital, the city of Caracas.

Mysterious Satellite on Mysterious Orbit

Times article about mysterious spacecraft!

It is also noteworthy that astronauts in the 1959 Sputnik-1 spacecraft reported that the unidentified material was shaking near the Polar Orbit. The article about this mysterious spacecraft, which later became an official, was released on March 7, 1960, in the famous Times Daily.

Mapping and Monitoring

Astronauts Found Satellite

Since 1957, both the United States and Russia have been trying to launch their first weather satellite. In 1960, weather spacecraft has been launched into the Polar Orbit. This Polar Satellite was believed to help cover the Earth’s mapping and surveillance and collect information about the Black Knight that occasionally appeared on the Polar orbit.

Weight about 10 tons

As expected, the Black Knight shuttle is back in the 1960s in the Polar Orbit. Astronauts and astronomers expressed their predictions that the spacecraft would have a weight of about 10 tons. The Black Knight was seen as the heaviest artificial satellite at that time.

7 months later!

Photos of Black Knight Satellite

Black knight was trapped in radar for the first time after continuous surveillance. Next 7 months later, ‘Track’ was made on the black knight and a photo has been taken. It is noteworthy that Grumman Aircraft Corporation has helped very much in this work. The most interesting thing is that after the signal decode from the Black Knight shuttle, it was discovered that connected to 13000 years old a double star, the Epsilon Bootes Star System.

This is what we found at the highest level. Why is this moving around the planet Earth? It’s also a mysterious orbit in mysterious design. Does it monitor the earth? If it keeps track of it, is it a satellite of extraterrestrial origin? Then we are not alone in this universe. The answer to all these questions is when the next time Black Knight shuttle will be caught in our the most powerful space telescope eyes!

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