Bravery Beyond Bounds: Labrador Defends Family, Confronts Puma to Save Children

According to a KSLTV news report, a brave Labrador from Cedar Hills, Utah, came to the rescue of his beloved family on July 19 when he confronted a mountain lion. Despite being injured in the process, the brave dog managed to survive.

Crystal Michaelis and her children were playing in their backyard with their 7-year-old yellow labrador named Ella, the dog saw, and read in the mountains. When Michaelis saw the predator, she realized that Ella was acting strange and seemed to be watching both the children and the area where she was lurking. As a result of Ella’s quick condolences, Michaelis took his children inside and, upon returning to the patio door, discovered that Ella had been seriously injured in her fight with the brother. The dog’s head, face, legs, leg and neck were seriously injured and the blood covered her as well as the door and terrace of the house. Although the family is not present during the altercation, officials from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources searched for people who were searching for the area.

Although it has been some time since the mountain lion was seen, the Utah DWR advises people to remain alert and be cautious. According to Faith Jolley, DWR public relations officer, people are forced to follow deer because of their dependence on them as their primary source of food. Jolley also notes that she has reported deer sightings in the same region.

According to Michaelis, She had been bitten as many as 30 times, with the bites starting from her shoulders and moving downward. This indicates that she fought hard to protect herself from it. Despite her injuries, Ella is expected to recover. Watch the video below for more details on this story.


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