Fast & Furious: Fast X Part 2 Could Be Hobbs & Shaw 2

The Fast & Furious franchise just exploded with Fast X. Director Louis Leterrier says this is the franchise’s finale and will come in two or maybe even three parts. Based on the post-credits scene, it certainly has the potential to do that. Now buckle up, Fast fans, because there will be spoilers ahead.

People in the Fast X audience may have wondered throughout the movie where Hobbs was this whole time. But it was finally revealed in the Fast X post-credits scene that Hobbs had been tracking Dante down the whole time, just like Dom had. And because of the words they exchanged at the end, it seemed like they would also have a battle coming up.

The Fast & Furious franchise might have two ways to go from here. If Leterrier makes this Fast X finale a trilogy, we might have a tribute to Hobbs & Shaw in the middle based on the post-credits scene. Or Fast X might continue from the intense cliffhanger it had, and we might just have a two-part finale. Either way, the Fast X finale will be one hell of a ride.

Fast X Post-Credits Scene

Fast & Furious Hobbs and Shaw Spin-Off Will Be More Grounded
Universal Pictures

The Fast X post-credits scene leads us to believe that episode two of the Fast & Furious finale might be a fantastic spinoff. In the post-credits scene, we watch a masked military assault team break into an abandoned building. As one of the mysterious soldiers approaches a strange computer, we are presented with a familiar situation. Just like in the middle of Fast X, Dante presents himself in a phone call, and images of Fast Five appear projected all over the room.

Dante talks to the soldier and tells him that although Dom planned to kill his father, he pulled the trigger. We rewatch the scene from Fast Five when Hobbs put two bullets into Hernan Reyes. Dante says he’ll find him and kill him. Then the masked soldier finally reveals himself as Hobbs and says, “Well, I ain’t hard to find you sumbitch.” And crushes the phone in his hand.

Almost every member of the audience had been waiting for this moment. Despite having a callback to almost every Fast & Furious character over the years, Hobbs hadn’t shown up for the entire movie. Holding him back until the post-credits scene was a great idea. But because they’ve waited until the end to reveal him, we think Fast X part two might star the super-strong Agent Hobbs. But another thing leads us to believe part two might be a Hobbs & Shaw reunion.

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Many fans thought Fast X might begin from the F9 post-credits scene when Han was having one intense conversation with Shaw. And although Fast X didn’t pick up right from that moment, they still resolved the issue when Han took the rest of the crew to meet Shaw so they could gear up.

After another tense conversation and an epic fight scene, they put their differences aside to battle a common enemy. At first, Shaw didn’t seem to care about whatever jam the Fast crew had gotten themselves into, but when they told him about what Dante had done, he shoved a ton of guns and explosives into a duffle bag and took off. That was the last we saw of Shaw. We have no idea where he went. With such mystery surrounding both characters, we’re almost certain that Fast X part two will be a Hobbs & Shaw reunion movie.

The Ending of Fast X

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The other way the Fast & Furious franchise could end is simply by giving us the second half of the Fast X movie. It ended on a big cliffhanger. Get ready because this is your last warning for spoilers.

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At the end of Fast X, Dante had positioned Dom on top of a dam between two massive gas tankers. And in a miraculous escape, Dom drove his car down the side of the dam and escaped to the river below. But as Dom climbed to safety on top of a rock, his son in his arms and his car lost to the river, Dante armed a series of bombs, ready to blow up the dam and drown Dom and his son.

And there’s no rescue coming. The rest of the Fast family had just been shot out of the sky and crashed behind a mountain. So if Fast X part two isn’t a Hobbs & Shaw reunion, then they’re the only two left that could possibly come to Dom’s rescue in time. Letty had just escaped from prison, but she’s all the way in Antarctica.

Personally, we would rather see Hobbs & Shaw 2, but the next installment in the Fast & Furious finale could pick up right from where the original Fast X cliffhanger left off. Either way, we’re sure this will be the most epic part of the Fast & Furious franchise, until the next movie, of course.

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