Jason Statham Begins Solo Action Film Career at 56, Defying Age Expectations.Thai

The Transporter (2002) - News - IMDb

Fans pointed out an interesting thing: In about 40 works throughout his career, Jason Statham has quite a few films that follow the formula: the English article “The” and a certain profession, making him a talent. The most “multi-vocational” actor on the big screen.

The Transporter

The role that brought fame to Jason Statham in the action film segment was “The Transporter”, one of Statham’s first major movie roles.

In the film, Statham plays Frank Martin, a former member of the US special forces. After quitting his job, he lived in France and became a freight forwarder. He has three rules when working: Don’t change the deal, don’t know the identity and never look inside the package.

The Transporter (2002) - News - IMDb

In “The Transporter”, Jason Statham demonstrated all the qualities that made him an action star, with eye-catching close combat moves, masculine beauty, and cool looks.

The Bank Job (The robbery of the century)

One of the most highly rated movie titles starring Jason Statham is “The Bank Job, a work in the thriller – thief genre”. Statham plays Terry, who works as a small car dealer and is trying to give up his criminal past to start a peaceful family life. Martine, Terry’s old neighbor, asked him to join  a bank robbery. Although he realized that this was an extremely dangerous mission, Terry knew it could also bring a life-changing opportunity.

One of the highest rated movie titles starring Jason Statham is “The Bank Job”

In “The Bank Job”, Jason Statham still shows the charms that make him unique in action movies: decisive, decisive and cold. Although there aren’t as many “heavy” action scenes as previous films, Statham’s transformation into the role of a thief gives the audience new aspects of his acting.

The Expendables (The Expendables)

One of Jason Statham’s most famous roles to the mass audience is Lee Christmas in the hit film series “The Expendables”, alongside big Hollywood stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger… Lee Christmas is one of the key faces of the entire film series , appearing from the first part. Christmas comes from an elite SAS veteran background, with mastery in close combat and knife use.

With a humorous and generous personality in normal times but fiery in battle, Lee Christmas is a character that is popular with the audience and can be considered the mercenary with the most “fans” in this entire notorious squad. . In the last 4 part, Jason Statham also replaced “old guy” Sylvester Stallone to become the main star of the movie and received a lot of positive feedback for his shining performance.

The Mechanic (Killer Mechanic)

Another movie that also bears the mark of Jason Statham is “The Mechanic”, a remake of the movie of the same name released in 1972. Statham plays Arthur Bishop, a professional assassin, often called by gangsters. with the name “mechanic”. Whether he likes it or not, Bishop is still caught up in difficult assassinations.

The Beekeeper

In 2023, Jason Statham brings back to the screen a movie that holds his mark like the famous works mentioned above. “The Beekeeper” comes from Miramax and revolves around the story of Adam Clay, a diligent and lonely beekeeper. After a close friend died, Adam Clay began his revenge mission. His true identity and the secret organization Beekeepers were also gradually revealed.

In his transformation into a beekeeper, Jason Statham still captures the film’s aura. Not only that, the interesting role of the Beekeeper in the film also opens up the future for the next popular Hollywood action movie franchise. The movie is being shown in theaters.

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