Kindness Unleashed: Helping the Homeless and Embracing a Furry Friend

Rico Soegiarto was returning home from work when he saw Hope for the first time. The Siberian husky lay in the middle of the street in Depasar, Bali, emaciated and dying.

Living on the island of Bali, stray dogs are a familiar sight. But something about Hope made Rico stop.

Rico, 26, already has four rescue dogs, but he was immediately attracted to her.

“I don’t know what was so special about you,” Rico told Bored Paпda. “It’s about heart and confidence. I found her when I was coming home from work, she was in the middle of the street.”

He took her home and knew that she didn’t have much time to live in care. Despite her terrible greed, Hope’s eyes shone just as brightly.

When he saw how much hope there was in her eyes, Rico was even more determined to give him a second chance.

He began to care for her until she recovered.
Light but sure, Hope’s fur started to grow thicker and she started to get fat. His lovable personality also began to emerge.
After 10 months, Rico was caught up with his transformation.


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