NASA Intercepts Mysterious Signal from Beneath Earth’s Surface: Are Subterranean Entities Reaching Out to Humanity?

Ancient civilizations, aliens, extraterrestrial life, etc. There are many mysteries that humanity is still discovering. Humans are so small, even the underground world under human feet has a mystery – something that few people pay attention to.

When humans look out into space to explore the vast universe, we will feel very interested in alien issues. But in reality, people have never fully understood the Earth on which humanity lives. Inside the ground is a typical example.


Inside the ground beneath human feet, there are hidden many unanswered mysteries, which are the mysteries of the civilization of creatures living at the center of the Earth, the civilization of underground people. They live in the deep underground levels, tunnels are built and expanded underground and have many branches to connect the inner world with the world on our Earth’s surface, these roads have can run through Europe, Asia, the United States as well as all other continents.

The theory of human civilization at the center of the Earth has been around for a long time. They are as mysterious and unpredictable as aliens. Scientists have been studying with suspicion for decades, but there has been no progress. nothing significant.

During the search for people at the center of the Earth, Snowden – a technical analyst for the US Central Intelligence Agency, stepped forward to reveal information and pushed the process of searching for people at the center of the Earth to a climax. Snowden once publicly said that he felt the underground world was real, and that there also existed an intelligent creature like humans, called “underground people”.

Secret documents about underground people published on the World Chronicle website have been recognized by relevant agencies, not only that underground people actually exist, but also that their civilization far beyond humans on earth.

After Snowden broke the news about underground people, two more events arose that seemed to confirm this claim. The collapse of Mexico City shocked the world. After the ground caved in, someone discovered three bodies only about 90 cm long. What is the true identity of these three “rat people”? It is believed that they are the inhabitants living underground.

In the book “The Mystery of Ancient South America” in early 1946, British scientist Maurice Wilkins asserted that underground tunnels were built when prehistoric civilizations were interconnected and There are many branches, running through Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. He finally came to the conclusion that the “Underground Kingdom” (or Underground Kingdom) still exists.

Wilkins’ views are based on survey results in many countries around the world. Does Earth really have an underground civilization? Many events that occurred in the past seemed to actually point to the existence of a kingdom and people living underground.

On December 24, 1965, “Byrd’s Diary” was published, which recorded a strange encounter with an underground civilization in 1947 of retired US Navy admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd. . This diary can almost describe Admiral Byrd’s attitude when he came into contact with underground civilization.

Byrd wrote in his diary that in 1947 he led an expedition underground in the Arctic, and was amazed to see a valley full of green trees and a stream flowing through the valley. This is the North Pole, this place should be a world full of ice and snow! Then he found a huge UFO base and extinct plants and animals on the ground. This UFO base is also home to high-tech “supermen”.

Surprisingly, NASA also revealed to the media that they had received a mysterious signal underground. This signal is not normal geological activity, because it occurs very regularly and repeats many times. If it were just a simple geological activity, it would be very short and not cyclical. . At the time, NASA researchers believed that these signals transmitted from underground were the way underground people wanted to contact humans.

After receiving this signal, there were many different opinions, so do underground people exist? Scientists say that if they really existed, their civilization would be more developed than humans, and their physical qualities would be much stronger than humans.

Inside the ground is a very special environment, the temperature alone can reach hundreds of degrees Celsius. If it is possible to survive in such an extremely high temperature environment without oxygen or sunlight, heaven, meaning their body structure is different from humans, otherwise they must have some special handling method.

In 1994, Mexico City announced shocking news to the whole world. One time the street here subsided, people discovered 3 “rat people” in the sewer. These three “rat people” were accidentally crushed to death due to land subsidence, and their bodies were immediately taken to the University of Mexico for surgery, analysis and research.

A Mexican anthropologist, Dr. William Geji went into the sewers after a landslide, and he indeed met the “rat man”. The “rat man” looked very scared and turned around to run away. The doctor chased and caught one of them, but because the “rat man”‘s body was as slippery as a squid, in the blink of an eye it was already dead. ran away without leaving a trace. These “rat people” all have short bodies, only about 0.9 meters tall, but have full limbs.

The mysteries of the “Underground Kingdom” not only appear on land but also appear in the sea. In 1968, an underwater photographer in Miami (USA) said he saw a monster while taking photos at the bottom of the river. This monster’s face resembled a monkey but had fish gills. The eyes are larger than human eyes, but have no eyelashes, the front limbs are covered with shiny fish scales, and the feet are like duck feet.

Some people cannot accept the existence of an advanced civilization underground. But from another perspective of science, the development of any science is the final result after many doubts and trials. Perhaps after many doubts, we can confirm that deep within the earth, highly intelligent beings really exist.

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