The Haunting Mystery of the Catacombs Known as the ‘Kingdom of the Dead’ Sends Chills Down Everyone’s Spines

In July 2016, Mike Mansholt mysteriously disappeared after setting out to explore the Rabat catacombs in Malta, also known as the “Kingdom of the Dead”.

Inside the “kingdom of the dead” in Malta.

About a week after Mike went missing, the teenager’s body was discovered near the island’s highest point under very strange circumstances.

The discovery of Mike’s body marks the beginning of a surreal two-year ordeal to bring his remains home and find answers to what happened to the teenager.

Mike is an adventurer, loves to climb mountains, sail with his family on cross-sea journeys. The teenager is also enamored with the underworld beneath Malta, unaware that this will be his final destination in life.

Accordingly, on July 18, 2016, after sharing about going to visit the Rabat catacombs, Mike mysteriously disappeared. Every call to his phone went unanswered.

It is said that Mike got lost in the maze of the “Kingdom of the Dead”. Because in fact, even the best students of history, culture and civilization may not know by heart inside the strangest and most ancient structure beneath Malta.

Strange stone structure inside the “kingdom of the dead”.

This is a man-made tunnel system mainly used to bury the dead, dug in the Middle Ages or more recently next to ancient tunnels that have been built since prehistoric times. The tunnel system here connects an incredible network of sanctuaries, temples and houses, all built underground. It also used to take place human sacrifices.

Thousands of human remains have been found scattered throughout this maze, some of which are more than two millennia older than those of the Middle Ages or Rome. Besides, there are skeletons with elongated skulls whose origin is still an unsolved mystery.

Many strange, unbelievable folk legends have originated from this maze including stories of giants, missing children…

The top of the island – near where Mike’s body was found, has steep jagged cliffs, an old radar facility and the Magdalen chapel surrounded by orange trees.

This jagged Dingli cliff is the highest point in Malta.

Police said Mike’s back showed signs of fracture, suggesting he may have fallen. The Maltese authorities firmly confirmed that: “The teenager fell off the cliff, it was a tragic accident. This is the most likely explanation.”

On August 20, 2018, Mike’s remains finally arrived in Germany, but the suffering for the family continues. When German medical staff examined Mike’s body, they were shocked to discover all of his vital internal organs were missing except for some broken internal organs including his brain.

In addition, the remains should have been preserved with a preservative. But Mike’s remains are in a state of decomposition.

More specifically, German investigators conducted the autopsies themselves and found that the possibility that Mike’s fall killed Mike was “unrealistic” because he was not seriously injured, was not traumatized, and was not injured. fracture. All of this leads health officials to not rule out Mike’s death as a barbaric crime.

Regarding Mike’s missing organs, the Maltese authorities said that they were lost at autopsy and they must have been eaten by rats and the brain must have melted from the heat.

But German officials rejected this argument and pointed out that the victim’s body did not have any mouse or animal bites. They also emphasize, the brain cannot completely dissolve in such a short time.

So what happened to Mike? Why was his broken bike discovered on a cliff higher than where his remains were found? Why doesn’t Mike wear shoes? Who took your backpack, your camera?

What happened to this boy’s organs? What happened to Mike when he went to explore the ancient tombs underground not Malta?

To this day, questions regarding Mike’s death remain unanswered. No shortage of theories have emerged about this tragedy, raising vague fears about the ancient, secret tunnels hidden beneath the island of Malta.

The “Kingdom of the Dead” is considered an ancient, mysterious and creepy world that we know little about. Most of the rooms inside the tunnel were found filled with earth, human bones and broken pottery.

It is estimated that the tunnel contains the bones of 33,000 people, mostly adults. In fact, all of the remains were found in disarray, making it clear that most bodies appeared incomplete when buried. Child sacrifice is also confirmed to have taken place in Malta.

Malta has never displayed the skeletons inside the Rabat tunnels, nor published any analysis of them, leaving the “Kingdom of the Dead” surrounded by a mysterious, terrifying veil.


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