Unraveling the Enigmas of Prehistoric Civilization: Did Telescopes Exist During the Time of Dinosaurs?

Archaeological discoveries not only bring us new questions, but also motivate humanity to test the correctness of its understanding of history once again, and truly look back at the origins of humanity. People.


Human figure holding a telescope observing celestial bodies. Directly above him a long object with a tail was shooting past, possibly an asteroid, comet or meteorite, and on the top of the stone were carvings of constellations. (Photo: dkn.tv)

History tells us that Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei invented the telescope more than 300 years ago, opening the most basic step for humanity in observing celestial objects. However, human figures carved in stone in the Ica Museum in Peru are estimated to be at least 500 years old. He was also looking at the sky with a telescope in his hand, and at the same time a meteor with a tail was about to fly over his head. So in this era, who invented the telescope?

Additionally, there are many different opinions about the date of this stone. Mr. Javier Cabrera, a Peruvian, has collected many stones of this type. In addition to the astronomical matters depicted on the face of the stone, there are many mysterious details such as organ surgery, blood transfusions, and dinosaur hunters, etc.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. Therefore, humans have never had direct contact with this animal. However, many Ica stones depict different species of dinosaurs, even depicting humans and dinosaurs in the same scene, raising the question of whether humans lived with dinosaurs in the past. , This hypothesis can shake Darwin’s theory – a theory often used to explain human history.

Modern surgery was born in the 18th century. Yet on many Ica rocks, we can see scenes of modern surgery, with equivalent instruments (such as infusion pumps – an invention was born in the 17th century). Not only that, the Ica rocks also show that ancient people knew how to perform surgery on many different internal organs.

Images of heart surgery and dinosaur hunting on Ica rocks. (Photo: dkn.tv)

Spanish chronicles record that: Such stones were found in Inca tombs, so scientists estimate they are at least 500 years old. However, from the images of humans and dinosaurs living together carved on the stone slabs, it can be seen that it comes from a more ancient date.

With this kind of speculation, and looking at the stones collected by the Ica museum, it is perhaps not difficult to understand how the Dogon tribe in Africa had such advanced knowledge of astronomy.


The Dogon people live in the great bend of the Niger River in southern Mali, West Africa. They live by farming and nomadism. They did not have writing, they used their mouth to pass on knowledge. In the more than 400 years of oral religious teachings of this tribe, the description of a star that astronomers call Sirius B (Companion Star of the Celestial Wolf) is extremely accurate, making scientists Science was startled and exclaimed.

Because this star is very faint, it cannot be observed with the naked eye. Astronomers used high-tech astronomical observation equipment to observe it many times, but it was not seen until the 19th century. There are no astronomical instruments, but past legends of the Dogon people say: Sirius consists of a large star and a small star. The small star has a small volume but very heavy weight, it moves around the large star in an elliptical orbit.

Location of star Sirius B. (Photo: solstation.com)

Furthermore, the Dogon elders drew the exact paths of the two stars on the ground with a stick, very similar to the path maps drawn by modern astronomers. The example of the Dogon people shows that their ancestors had a degree of astronomical knowledge from a very early age.

Humanity has always considered itself to have superhuman intelligence, clearly knows its own origins and believes absolutely in today’s “science”. This causes some people’s thinking to become narrow, unable or more accurately, not daring to accept new perceptions. When someone mentions things that they have not seen or that “science” has not discovered, they immediately object, saying that it is “superstition”. This way of thinking can cause them to miss many important things.


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